Earth Fashionist

Basic Terms & Conditions

Dear Sellers and Donors of Earth Fashionist,

Thank you very much for being a part of our initiative to re-define the culture of Fashion in Sri Lanka with circular consumption which supports saving our Mother Earth.

How to Sell or Donate via Earth Fashionist

Please read the below detailed steps to understand how you can sell or donate via Earth Fashionist.

Who can Sell or Donate via Earth Fashionist

You can register with Earth Fashionist only if you have any preloved/ second hand fashion items to sell/donate as an individual or if you are a sustainable or upcycled/ recycled or eco friendly or a slow fashion brand, designer, business or a thrift shop.

Register as a Seller/ Donor

Please register with us as a Seller/ Donor via if you are planning to sell or donate.

Submitting Fashion Item Info

Thereafter, you can submit item information by clicking the button “Add New Item”. Please update your account or email if you want to change any item information or if you want to remove/ unpublish your item.

“Sell” means when a buyer pays for your item through Earth Fashionist and after you send the item to the buyer, 75% of the selling price will be sent to you via Earth Fashionist.

“Donate” means when a buyer pays for your item through Earth Fashionist and after you send the item to the buyer, 75% of the selling price will be used to support underprivileged school children in Sri Lanka by Earth Fashionist.

Please follow the guidelines when submitting images of the items you want to sell or donate.

Image Copyrights

You are solely responsible for the copyrights of the images you submit. If someone reports for copyrights issues for any image you submit, please note that your item will be banned from Earth Fashionist platform. Earth Fashionist is not responsible for any such issues. Therefore, please submit the images owned by you “only”.

Once you submit the item information form, Earth Fashionist will review and publish it on for anyone to buy. If there's any damage/mark/ stains/adjustments on the item you sell with us, please mention that in the form you fill. Otherwise it will cause losing the trustworthiness of customers and the item will get returned. In such cases, you will have to bear all the cost as the seller.

Receiving an Order

If Earth Fashionist receives an order for your item, we will inform you via email and you can see the status of your item in your account as well. We will be sending you the buyer’s shipping address and contact number. You are strictly responsible not to disclose these information to any other 3rd party other than to the courier service for the delivery purpose only. You are strictly abiding not to conduct any transaction with this buyer outside Earth Fashionist. If you in case carry on such transactions, it may cause banning your Earth Fashionist account and we are not liable for any damages or losses you may occur with regards to payments or any other means.

Packing items

Thereafter, please pack the item quickly and properly. We request you to be eco friendly in all your packaging. You can buy paper bags from Earth Fashionist itself via Please make sure the item inside the package is safe and waterproof. So that it will not get damaged during the delivery process. If you have not packed it properly and the item gets damaged due to careless packaging, the entire cost of the item and the delivery cost and return cost should be borne by you as the seller. Write down or print the shipping address and the contact number on the package. Then update the order status to “Ready to Dispatch” in your Earth Fashionist account.

Handing over the item to the pickup person

Once the pick up person arrives, take the “Way Bill” and write the way bill number on the package. More information will be sent to you via our order email when an order is received. You do not have to pay any money to the pickup person. Then handover the package to the pickup person and update the status of the order as “Dispatched” via your Earth Fashionist account and add the “Way Bill” number for the order.

Completing an Order & Return Policy

Earth Fashionist will update you once the buyer has received your item. The buyer is provided with 14 days to return your item if it is damaged. If the buyer returns the item due to a damage or loss or any dispute (example: Item does not match the description), then as the seller, you should bear the delivery cost and the return cost. Meanwhile, you will not be paid the seller commission of 75%. These regulations are applicable for the items you submitted with the purpose “Sell” and “Donate” as well.

Seller Commission Payment

For the items you submitted with the purpose “Sell”, Earth Fashionist will transfer your commission of 75% to the bank account you have provided us if the item is sold. The monthly total amount which belongs to you will be transferred to you in between 30th of the current month and 2nd of next month. However, if an item has been delivered (received by the buyer) on or after the 15th day of the current month, such transactions’ commission will be paid to you at the end of the next month. This is because the buyer is given 14 days to return your item.


For the items you submitted with the purpose “Donate”, Earth Fashionist will retain and use for the projects we organize to support underprivileged school children if the item is sold. Such events/ projects information will be informed to you via email and you can check our website and social media pages. However, if the item is returned by the buyer, please note that it will not be considered as a complete sale or a donation.

After the Sale

When an item of yours is sold via Earth Fashionist, 25% of the selling price of that is charged by us. 5% out of this amount will be used to plant trees in Sri Lanka. We just want you to know that you are contributing to save our Mother Earth by helping this good cause while allowing someone else to re-use your valuable fashion items. All the tree planting and other school children welfare projects, events will be informed to you via email when such is organized. You can keep in touch with us for these news via our website and social media channels.

After you sell/ donate an item via Earth Fashionist, please be kind enough not to comment on pictures of the item posted by Earth Fashionist or by any individual via any media claiming that it was used by you or any insulting messages. If we receive any such information, please note that we will not be conducting any business with you thereafter.

Your Consent

Please submit this form/register only if you agree with these terms and conditions. Please note that these terms and conditions may change at any time and if such changes occur, we will be informing you via email. If such changes occur, as sellers, you are obliged to agree on the new terms & conditions. These Terms & Conditions are applicable for any item you sell/ donate via Earth Fashionist. In case of any disagreement, you can remove your account from Earth Fashionist, once all the current/ existing transactions are settled as of the agreed terms and conditions upto the date of new terms and conditions. You can send us an official email to requesting to remove your seller account.

We are planning to communicate about our charitable events and how much of a contribution you made for those to maintain the transparency on the go.

Let's create a sustainable Earth together!

With Love, Team Earth Fashionist